Advent Procession CD

Advent Procession CD

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The great Christmas Carol Service has become so popular and widespread that it throws out a great blaze of light over the darkest weeks of the year that lead up to the celebration of the Incarnation.

But amongst the festivity and joy it is easy to lose the darker message of those days: that Christ came into the world but the world did not receive him. There is an ambiguity in the season of Advent which is caught by the Authorized Version of St John’s Gospel: ‘and the light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not’. The Greek verb has two meanings: the darkness did not understand the light; but neither did it overcome it.

The story of the waxing and waning of light finds its beginning in Advent, and in the Advent Procession which celebrates it.

Running time: 60 minutes 50 seconds

Director: Peter Wright

Organist: Stephen Disley

Recorded: 2000

1 02:27 Hymn: Creator of the stars of night Anonymous
2 01:01 Bidding prayer Anonymous
3 02:48 This is the truth sent from above Vaughan Williams
4 01:36 Reading: Genesis 3, 8-15 Anonymous
5 02:36 Remember, O thou man Ravenscroft
6 03:54 Chorale Prelude: Wachet auf, BWV 645 Bach
7 01:48 Reading: Isaiah 45, 2-8 Anonymous
8 01:35 O nata lux de lumine Tallis
9 02:23 I said to the man Maxim
10 01:32 Reading: Isaiah 9, 2-7 Anonymous
11 02:19 People, look East Bramma
12 01:54 Hosanna to the Son of David Weelkes
13 01:43 Reading: Luke 1, 26-34 Anonymous
14 08:30 Salutatio angelica Moore
15 01:05 Reading: Luke 1, 39-47 Anonymous
16 00:45 Advent antiphon: O Emmanuel Anonymous
17 03:56 Magnificat in G Stanford
18 00:45 Advent Antiphon: O Emmanuel Anonymous
19 01:01 Reading: Luke 1, 57-61a Anonymous
20 03:53 This is the record of John Gibbons
21 00:48 Advent Collect Anonymous
22 00:26 Blessing Anonymous
23 02:12 E’en so, Lord Jesus, quickly come Manz
24 04:41 Hymn: Lo, he comes with clouds descending Anonymous
25 03:49 Toccata-Prelude on ‘Vom Himmel hoch’