Meeting God in Matthew

Meeting God in Matthew

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Whether you are completely new to Matthew's Gospel or have read it many times before, Meeting God in Matthew will help you see the First Gospel with fresh eyes and better understand its essential meaning and purpose.

Elaine Storkey, one of the world's most widely respected theologians and author of 
Women in a Patriarchal World and Scars Across Humanity, offers an accessible introduction to the main message of Matthew's Gospel. Powerful and absorbing, it is packed full of compelling observations about the personality and impact of Jesus, both in the first century and today.

Meeting God in Matthew explores what the Gospel of Matthew teaches us about the revelation of God in the person of Jesus Christ. Essential reading for anyone wanting to understand the gospel message better, it will leave you with a new appreciation of and enthusiasm for the riches of Matthew's writing, and the desire to return to it over and over again. Its straightforward, enlightening approach also makes it eminently helpful for new Christians just starting out on their faith journey.

Each chapter includes questions for discussion and reflection, making 
Meeting God in Matthew a perfect book for Bible study, both for individuals and small groups. With a focus on the Passion narrative, it is also ideal for use as a Lent devotional.

Simple yet profound, 
Meeting God in Matthew is an invitation to anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of the Gospel of Matthew and through it to meet the God that is revealed in Jesus Christ.

ISBN: 9780281081950
Publisher: SPCK Publishing